The Whisper of God (1 Kings 19:9-21)

Trinity Vacation Bible School for the week was called "CaveQuest" and pointed to Jesus as the light in our darkness. It just so happens that the appointed text for this Sunday is about a guy in a cave: Elijah. So I think it is safe to say that God has something to tell all of us this week…whether we are big kids or small…about caves and His question to all who find ourselves in one: “What are you doing here?”

Elijah wasn’t the first man of God…and he certainly wouldn’t be the last…to find himself running away and trying to hide. Whether fear, weariness, or a self-pitying “Why me?” syndrome (Elijah seems to be suffering from some combination of the above…and for good reason!) a cave far, far away from trouble seems to him a good place to hang out. “The cave” for you might be an actual place that you escape from the world…or it might be an attitude that chooses not to engage fully with the world and all the world’s problems. You want a sign that God is winning in your life: fire, earthquakes, some good old fashioned “wrath-of-God” miracle that will show everyone (especially you!) who’s in charge. But maybe God isn’t yelling. Maybe, just maybe, He’s whispering. God’s Word today is a reminder that He is there--in the loud celebrations as well as the quiet, even silent moments. He is with us even when there is no outward sign or rumble of a miracle. You see, it isn’t up to you or me to secure God’s victory. God will always manage to raise up for His kingdom whatever He requires. God’s only expectation is that you and I are faithful in the work He gives us to do when we come out of the cave and live. The light of Jesus, the Son of God who “heard” God’s silence when he carried the weight of the world’s sins (your sins and mine) on the cross, shows us the way. Confident that despite what we might see or not see, hear or not hear, God is there, we go to work engaging with the world. Not only is God our Father in heaven. Through Jesus Christ, God is “Immanuel”…God with us.