God's Light Show (Rev. 21:23-24)

Sometimes art and science reflect the images Scriptures use to tell us something about God and God’s work. Scientists recently discovered that when new human life begins…and a sperm connects with an egg…a burst of zinc “fireworks” occurs that can be picked up with microscope cameras. You can call it God’s amazing “light” show. There’s even a video of the phenomenon that you can watch here: https://vimeo.com/163864531. Science seems to show that on one level, at least, there is a connection between “light” and the creation of life.

In the Scriptures God’s Light Show of another kind is displayed. Here light is associated with God’s creative power. The Scriptures tell of how even before God created the stars and planets light itself (Gen 1:3) was called into being. Throughout the salvation story of the Bible light, or more specifically the glory of God (Exod 16:7, etc.) depicts God’s presence and terrifying ability to rescue Israel, come what may. Jesus, the Son of God, is One in whom there is life, and this life, we read “was the light of all” (John 1:4). Even at the end of time the Scriptures promise that the light of God’s glory and the lamp of the Lamb will shine in the New Jerusalem and accompany the gift of eternal life that is for all nations (Rev. 21:26). God’s Light Show goes on…from the very beginning of creation to all eternity.

We are people one step away from the dark of death. Misuse of a firearm results in tragic loss of life. A driver impaired by alcohol hits and kills children. The doctor’s prognosis is “stage three” not “stage one.” Sources of light like better meds or stricter law enforcement or better lawyers can help. Easter is a reminder, though, that there are better sources of light than these. Easter shows that something and someone is stronger than the darkness of sin. The light of the risen Christ is proof that Life in all its fullness really does exist. The light of God and lamp of the Lamb point to Life unlike any that eye has seen or ear has heard. The vision of heaven recorded in Revelation is testimony to the way God’s Light Show overcomes the dark…forever.

Think of one person who needs to see the light of life today. Maybe you’re the person God will use to light up the night sky of a person all alone in the dark. Maybe the gift of Life you see with the eyes of faith today is just what God needs to bring many more into His holy city.